Prayer- my connection to God

Hi how are you today? I am well. This week in my country has been hot and the humidity is high. I guess that is summer for you. The kids also went back to school after a long holiday.

This week I want to talk on prayer. This is vital in 2023 – the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. We must have an intimacy with God if we are going to show the world Whose we are.

This is probably my weakest discipline in my Christian walk. I am not a Christian who has a set time to pray. I walk around my home praying in tongues for about ten minutes. Other than that, I try and have constant communion with God. This means hearing His voice and responding or sometimes just crying out silently ‘help’.

But as I was musing on this the other day, I felt God say to me that prayer is my connection to God. When reading the Bible, God communicates to us about Who we are in Him and Who He is. But prayer cements the relationship.

Prayer is us reaching out to God like a child would to their parent. Prayer is us telling God we need Him and His presence in our lives. Prayer is sitting on our Fathers knee and stating we just want to be close.

Reading the Bible touches us at our intellectual needs but prayer touches us in our emotions. Prayer is us emotionally connecting to God. We know what the Word says by reading it and doing it but prayer assists us with the discipline of it.

To understand prayer best, we need to read Genesis 2. God had just created the world and in verse 15, it states that God put man in the Garden of Eden and in verse 16 that man could eat from every tree except one. The other thing that happened in the garden before the fall was that God would also stroll in this garden (Genesis3:8).

Why would He do that? To talk to Adam and Eve about their day. Gods greatest desire is relationship with His creation and prayer provides that opportunity. Prayer is just communicating with God. Do we have to tell God everything? No but that is a funny question as God already knows everything. So in essence, the answer is yes (not that God needs to be informed) but so that we can express the emotions we are feeling in relation to that situation or thing or even person.

If we don’t know how to pray, it is because we think there is some sort of formula or flowery words we should use. There isn’t – God just wants us to talk to Him like we would a close friend.

If you are praying regarding a problem however, God may give you a verse from the Bible and He expects you to say it in faith until it becomes a reality in your life.

So this year, if you are like me and want to get closer to God, let’s set ourself a goal in relation to prayer. Pretty soon, you will be praying more and communion with God will become second nature.

A word of advice – make sure you let God answer and take the time to hear from Him. Be still and say God I am listening. Prayer is a discipline that is vital in todays world. So let’s start praying so that we can continue to live the life God intended for all of us.

Bless you



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