When trust is all God says

Trust Me. I am sure that you have heard God say it before. But what does it really mean? Sometimes it is hard for us to do as we can’t see anything happening in our situation in the natural. This blog teaches us the meaning of trust in the Bible and the reason why sometimes it is hard to trust God. You will be blessed. … More When trust is all God says


Time to turn around

There are time in our life when we need to turn around. One of those times is when we ask forgiveness for something we did wrong. Another time is when God wants to get our attention. Moses turned around when he saw the burning bush and it changed his life. What is God using to get your attention? … More Time to turn around

Don’t always react

It’s hard to not react to a situation when it comes up, especially if we think it’s urgent. We most often run and try to fix it but there is a better way. When Jesus was told one of His best friends had died, He stayed in the place where He was for two more days. Then God gave Him the clearance to go. What did He find? Lazarus had already died. But there was a greater miracle about to happen. Read more and see what it was and why we shouldn’t always react. … More Don’t always react