Karen is passionate about seeing people live their lives the way God intended and to fulfil the purpose and plans that God has for them.

She has run a number of life groups and taught teen church and Sunday school. She loves ministering to others. Her other passion is organising.

She resides in Australia with her husband.

3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi I am a born again Christian who believes in God, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus and the Holy Spirit Who is here on earth with us. My denomination is Pentecostal. I write what God directs me to write and is for all people.


  1. Your passion for organizing has clearly shown through with your website’s layout.

    It’s very impressive, not to mention clean.

    What I like most is that people can find exactly what they may be struggling with.

    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Brandon Rowell.

    I’ve been journeying now for about 10 years now and would like to think that I’ll have resolution sooner than later. My pastor referred to me as a “Real-life Job,” but I don’t yet see it that way.

    Job was restored and I’m still waiting.

    I think the key to my redemption lays in my recently published autobiography and I’m looking for honest feedback. I guess my question for you is if you might be willing to provide it if I emailed you a copy.


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