The invitation

Do you struggle with prayer? I do but in church this morning God revealed the following to me: salvation is Gods invitation to me and prayer is my invitation to Him. This should change our perspective of prayer. When we invite, it is our privilege to spend time with the invitee. Prayer is our choice – will you send out the invitation to God. Read on to find out more. … More The invitation

Winning the battle

When we are in the midst of a battle – either in our mind or physically it can be quite hard to keep going. But God has given us strategies in His Word that keep us in the fight. One of those strategies might surprise you. Read on to find out how Joshua’s battle with the Amalekites shows us those strategies. … More Winning the battle

Where are you building

My question for us is where are we building. The truth is most of the time we are scratching around on the ground because we don’t know better or don’t value ourselves enough to look up. God wants us soaring like eagles and sitting in heavenly places. This is the place where the world can see the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. So will you join me? Read on to find out how. … More Where are you building

Resurrection joy

What do you do when circumstances are hard and you feel that you are too weak to go on? The Bible tells us to find the strength to go on in an unlikely place – joy. Its meaning is not happiness which depends on circumstances but it’s real meaning is a lasting emotion that comes from the choice to trust God and His promises. The disciples experienced this on resurrection Sunday. What does this mean for our lives? Read on to find out more. … More Resurrection joy

Be intentional

Are you struggling to get things done in the day? Could it be that your priorities are wrong? Have you sat with God for Him to speak into your life regarding your priorities and purpose? It is time to be intentional and not just disciplined. What does this mean? Read on to find out more. … More Be intentional