When it’s hard to trust

Trust- why is it hard to trust God at times? Sometimes we don’t trust because we can’t control. Other times it is because we have forgotten Who God is. Then there are people whose actions diminish our trust in God. Why does this happen and how can we deepen our trust in God? Read on to find out more. … More When it’s hard to trust

Just one thing

Just one thing. This conjures up an image of something we really like. But what if that one more thing was leading us in a direction we don’t want to go. What if that one more thing causes us to lose our confidence or identity and shame takes up residence? Jesus wants to take our one thing and redeem us. Read on to discover more. … More Just one thing

Where is the lamb

Easter is the end of this week and I am looking forward to celebrating it as I do every year. But a question had me thinking this year? If the Passover was the Last Supper where was the lamb? Is this significant or was it merely left out of the story? Read on to find out more. … More Where is the lamb