God desires relationship

God desires relationship- I believe that if we can get that concept that everything will change in our lives. God does not want us to have a once a week snack in Church but a feast that lasts all week. Find out the reason why by reading the below. … More God desires relationship

Don’t quit

Many of us when we are going through trials are tempted to quit. But God is saying today don’t quit. The view is worth it and so are the lessons on the journey. To find out more and how God sustains us in trials, read on. … More Don’t quit

Don’t judge

Have you ever found yourself judging someone by their actions and later on found that their actions were reasonable. God doesn’t want us to stand in position as judge but as lovers of God and others. Find out more by reading on. … More Don’t judge

Stay connected

In the times we live in, it is important to stay connected. If we isolate ourselves we are prone to the enemies attack. If you are living in lockdown, you can still connect by phoning a friend. Read on to see some examples of what happens when there is no connection and then what happens when there is. … More Stay connected