2021- the year of receiving

Hi how are you all? Well we are back for another year. After last year I think we can do this year. It may be a topsy turvey year again but because we came through it, we are more resilient when change comes.

Last year was the year of restoration where we allowed God to tear down walls and build some new ones. Now we are ready to receive all that God has for us.

God has many gifts to give us but we need to be in a place to receive. You see, Gods gifts don’t come packaged and nor do they fall out of the sky. They are first spiritual gifts that are received by a spiritual means- faith. We receive them by planting a seed of faith. Then we water it by trusting in God and believing before we receive it in the natural. Then we reap a natural harvest that we can see with our natural eyes. This is how the process works.

Over the next little while, we will go through this receiving process. God doesn’t make it hard but He allows us to grow through it.

The first gift we ever receive from God is salvation. Jesus is the cornerstone and everything must start through Him. Romans 10: 9 states that if we declare with our mouth that Jesus is Lord (saying) and believe in out heart that God raised Him from the dead ( faith), you will be saved. This is how we received our first gift from God- say and have faith (sowing). With salvation, we have to live everyday believing and acting like that is true (watering) and then one day we will reap the harvest of eternally living with Jesus.

We receive every other gift the same way. This year what do you want to receive from God? Is it healing, salvation for your family or how about revival in our lands? These are all good gifts to receive and God said that this is our year.

We will continue this next time. Until then, keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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