Giving to receive

Hi how are you all today? Well I am back at work and into the swing of 2021- if I can remember it is indeed 2021. I still feel like writing 2020- does anyone feel the same? As I said in the last post, this is the year of receiving. Everyone became excited over that because we all like to receive things.

So what is the meaning of receiving? Most of us think it is just putting out our hand to take something but is that all there is to it. To me that sounds more like charity. At, some of the meanings are to be given, presented with or paid, to take delivery of, respond to something in a specified way, to greet or welcome someone, to detect or pick up broadcast signals and serve as a receptacle for. These meanings are varied. I believe that we are all going to receive differently from God this year and I ask that we broaden our perception of what receiving means so we don’t miss out.

We will look at some of those meanings in depth over the next few weeks but we will start with the first one- to be given, presented with or paid.

We have just had Christmas and as a child it was exciting. I didn’t spend weeks cooking, preparing and buying gifts like I do now as an adult and a parent. I just woke up on Christmas morning and had the child like faith to believe presents were waiting. It didn’t rely on my behaviour, my health, my wealth, my looks or anything else. It only relied on me being in the family.

In some ways, God is the same with us. When we receive a miracle of healing, provision etc, generally we don’t have to do anything to receive it. It is just the goodness of God. Even people who are not in Gods family yet can receive a miracle. This is so they see how good God really is and will want to take the steps to come into Gods family.

However, most times things are a little different in Gods Kingdom. God has plenty of gifts to give us but we need to do something to receive them. That something is called faith. We need to believe that the promises ( gifts) of God are for us and that if we speak those promises over our life, we will receive them. God is not holding out on us but wants us to mature in Him so we can believe for bigger things. We need those bigger things to fulfill the plan of God that He has for our life. God is always looking for faith- those that trust Him explicitly.

So this week think about what you would like to receive from God this year. What is your biggest need? Do you want to be sure of your purpose, do you need more love in your life so others can see Jesus in you, do you need a job so you can provide for your family, do you need healing in your body etc.

What is it you want to receive? Find a verse in your Bible that gives you the answer to your need then believe it and say it over your life. Faith will come and you will receive. Let me know your story when you receive from God. I would love to hear them.

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.


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