Faith and persistence

Some of us are mums and dads and have dealt with our small children especially on shopping day when we are standing at the supermarket checkout and our toddler spies the chocolates and lollies. Instead of asking “mummy can I have one”, they start whinging and give you all the reasons they should have one. Most parents in this situation tend to give in because they get annoyed by the continual whinging. Parents give in because of their toddler’s persistence not because of the unconditional love they have for their child.

This reminds me of a story in the Bible in Luke 18 verses 1 to 8. It is the story of the persistent widow and the unjust judge. In this story, Jesus was teaching about praying and never giving up. The widow wanted justice from her enemy and the only person who could grant her that justice was this unjust judge. This judge however didn’t fear God or man. But he ended up giving this lady what she wanted because she was annoying him with her persistence.

Jesus said that the judge was just in the end because of his decision. He then goes on to say that God will answer our prayers if we will just be persistent. However, the next statement from Jesus got me thinking. He says but when He returns will He find faith on the earth.

What is faith? Faith in Hebrews 11:1 is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. In essence, it is us believing that we have received something before we can actually see it. Faith also is what pleases God. Why does faith please God? It is because we are putting our total trust in what the Bible says about our situation and we are believing God long before we see the thing we are believing for. It is total trust and confidence in God.

You see the persistent widow didn’t have confidence in the judge. She knew he might give her justice but didn’t know when. She wore him down with her persistence rather than building him up with her believing. 

God will answer both types of prayers but the problem with the persistence one not the faith one is that we ourselves are not maturing in the things of God. Jesus wants to return to earth to find a spotless bride not a spoilt bride. GOd wants us to mature in Him and have total confidence that our prayers will be answered because we have faith and are thanking God each day that His Word is true and we are believing it.

This week find a scripture that pertains to your circumstance and stand on it. Don’t waver and see your answer come and see yourself growing in God. Have an amazing week!!


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