The gentle whisper

I have often found in my life and in my workplace that when someone is talking extremely loud to me, if I just whisper, it will calm them down. Why is that? It is because generally people don’t hear what you are saying, they are hearing how you are saying it. That determines their reaction to what you are saying. But in our walk with God, how does that apply?

I read the story this week of Elijah. In 1 Kings 17, Elijah had proved just how amazing God was. He challenged the prophets of Baal to a dual, if you like. They were to go first and sacrifice to their gods by building an altar, getting the sacrifice ready and then just call on their gods to provide the fire. After they had finished, Elijah was to do the same but he called on the name of God. Well you can guess what happened- only the God of the universe could have provided the fire which is what happened. The funny part about this story is that the whole country was in drought but they still found enough water to drench Elijah’s sacrifice.

After this happened the Kings wife was so mad, she wanted to kill Elijah so he ran away. God provided for him on the journey and we will pick up the story from here. In 1 Kings 19, God asked Elijah what he was doing in this place. Elijah had an answer and told God the story like God wouldn’t know. God’s answer was to show Elijah Who God was. There was a windstorm, then an earthquake then a fire but God wasn’t in any of those. Finally there was a whisper which is where God is. In that whisper, God again asked the same question and then proceeded to tell Elijah what to do next.

Sometimes we need to block out those loud noises around our lives and our hearts to really see the way God is leading us. The reason for that is the beautiful verse in Isaiah – be still and know that I am God. God is not often seen by us in the busyness and rushing around in our lives. God wants us to be still, to have that quiet time with Him – that time when relationship is built between us and God where He can reveal His total love for us, His grace, His mercy, His peace and where He can talk to us about our next steps in Him.

Take the time out today to have a quiet time with God, to hear Him whisper over your heart and to refresh you from all the busyness. Tomorrow that busyness may turn to peace.

Have an amazing week, draw closer to God and keep living for Him. Your life will be amazing!


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