What do you have

When we ask ourselves that question sometimes our response is very little, especially when we are tired and everything appears to be falling down around us. Those are the times we don’t want to generally think good thoughts but rather we want to curl up and be by ourselves. But there is a way out and it is called a stocktake ending with a praise session. Let’s take a look at a story to get a better idea. 

In 2 Kings chapter 4, we read a story about a widow and her two sons who had fallen on hard times. The woman had lost her husband – the one that was there to not only provide for his family physically but one that was there to provide emotional and spiritual support. That was now all gone! But one thing about this lady she knew where to turn for help. She went to Elisha the prophet who was her husband’s old boss. Elisha knew he had a duty to help the lady but his answer was not ” okay give me an hour to see what support I can muster or let me go to the media to see who can help”. No, his answer was what do you have in your house? The woman told him and with that she went to do what Elisha had said. She used what she had in her house to get her miracle. The miracle wasn’t for now only but provided for future provision of her and her two sons.

So my question is what do you and I have in our house? I am not only talking physically but spiritually as well. Sometimes we need to draw from deep inside of us all that preaching we have heard, all the verses in the Bible we have read and all the counsel we have received and stop storing it, instead use it. Use it by speaking it, giving it or praising God for it.

Look inside you – what does your stocktake of you look like. Once you have figured it out, start using it by praying those verses and walking as if you already had the answer by praising God.

Notice the woman shut the door. Sometimes we need to shut the door too and block out all of those outside distractions. This is so we can hear what God is saying to us. Remember God speaks to us all the time, we just need to tune our listening to it.

So this week, take stock and praise God in everything. Your miracle is on its way. Blessings and keep living the life God intended for you!!!


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