Living like Solomon

As I was reading the story of Solomon in the book of 1 Kings, I was struck by how amazing his life was (before he rejected God). This man, this King had all his needs met, all the food he wanted, all the gold and jewels he wanted, all the peace he wanted and all his kingdom benefitted from everything he had. What a great life? My question is how did he get it and how can we have it?

It tells us in the Bible that God is no respecter of persons – that means that my life and my world can be like Solomons. But you see Solomon had a secret weapon and one we far under utilise. God has given it to us and it tells us that in James 1. What is this secret weapon? God’s wisdom or the wisdom of God!!!

Proverbs tells us that wisdom is the principal thing. Principal means main so if this is the main thing we should strive to achieve, why don’t we?

Well it really is simple. We usually want to rely on “me”- not me but ourselves – our wisdom, our experience, our knowledge, our everything. But most of the time that doesn’t work. Why? Because what we did to get ourselves out of the last mess will probably not work for this one!!! Think on that a minute!

So the only sure thing is to rely on God and His wisdom. James tells us to ask for wisdom and God will give it to you. How often should you ask? For me I ask for Gods wisdom everyday on the way to work. But that is not the only time we should. Before you make a decision, whether big or small, we should ask for it. By small, I don’t mean God what should I have for diner? No for those times when you don’t know what to do or you have tried all else and the situation is still not resolved. Word of warning – Gods wisdom about how to deal with things may sound silly. Who cares – just do it? Your good ideas didn’t work!

Once Solomon asked for wisdom, God gave him everything else. Why? Because that is what you need to prosper in every area of your life. Gods wisdom, direction and guidance and if you have that all the time, you should never make a wrong choice. If you do, just get back up and start again.

Pray for wisdom this week and  keep living the life God intended for you!!

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