Your forgotten reward

Sometimes in our walk with God, He makes us change direction and that direction is not ordinarily where we want to go. It always means new doors will open but sometimes in the beginning we can’t get past the door itself. We are left isolated and confused especially when things have been okay. But that’s the issue- God does not want us to sit in the okay and comfortable so He stirs up our little nest and makes us jump out into the unknown -not to make us fall but to make us soar.

God did this to my husband and I a couple of times over the last 12 years. In one church we were in we were content and doing great things for God – totally involved as a congregation member in many aspects of the  church. But our one day soon came and God directed us to leave and move to another church. We did not want to leave but were really pushed by God. In the new church I felt isolated, alone and was stuck to my old church until God did some things in my life and with the help of my pastors wife, I overcame them.

As I was commiserating one day, God allowed me to read Hebrews 6:10. It says in my paraphrase that God will not forget how hard you have worked for Him and your care of other believers. That verse set me free right then. God had not forgotten me nor had my work for Him in that last church been a waste of time nor unfruitful. God was simply growing me and moving me on to better things.

In the last 16 years, my husband and I have attended three churches. The pastors have all taught me different things and each one has built onto me what I needed and what God required in me to ensure that I was maturing in Him. Although all of this has been painful at times in my life, it has brought me to a place of complete trust and belief in Jesus and in the giftings He has given me.

I know I will probably go through this again someday but if you are going through it now – remember God has not left you nor forsaken you and that the work you did for Him will never be forgotten. Walk into the new adventure knowing that God is still in the process of building you His church and that He is always with you.

Keep living the life God intended and have a great week. Bless you heaps!!


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