Are you on a bus or train

Hi how are you all today? I am good. The flooding has subsided and my youngest son is home from hospital. Normal (whatever that is) is returning to our lives. The weather at night is getting cooler as we come into Autumn. How are you going? What does normal look like for you and has it returned?

I was sitting on the bus last week going from my work building to the train station, when suddenly a thought popped into my head. Is my life like a train journey or a bus journey?

In my country there is a difference between the two not only in relation to what they operate on, but how my journey will go? Let me explain. When I catch the train, I need to catch the correct train and it will take me where I want to go and stop automatically at the desired stop.

But a bus is different? Although I have to ensure I am on the correct bus, I determine which stop I get off. If I don’t press the button for the next stop, the bus goes right past, unless others are getting on.

In this journey of my Christian walk, I have chosen the right bus or train to get on. My question is- am I going to decide where I step off the bus or am I on the journey until my destination is reached? Who is controlling my departure points – me or God (the driver)?

In the story of Abraham in Genesis, God told him to pack up and move where God said. The problem was that Abraham kept going and walked right through the Promised Land. We don’t want to be like that and miss God.

In another story, God instructed Moses to go worship on a mountain, which he did and then to take the Israelites to the Promised Land. God didn’t only intend the Israelites to go in but Moses too. However because of sin, Moses couldn’t enter the promised land but could only see it. He pressed the button instead of obeying God.

In this story guess who else didn’t see the promised land. The women and children of the 2 1/2 tribes that wanted their inheritance on the other side of the Jordan River. They pressed the button too soon and got off before the promise was fulfilled in their lives.

So what about us? Are we going to obey God all the way through or are we going to get off at a comfortable stop? One where we can still have control. Or are we going to give God full control and see His complete promises and plans come to pass in our lives?

Let’s not get off this bus of salvation too soon and change the mode of transport to the train where God is in full control of our destiny. I hope you will join me on this journey. For all those that have gotten off too soon, it is not too late to jump back on and continue. You can do it and so can I. Look forward to hearing your stories of staying on the train.

Have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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