God is still on the throne

Do you read the news and get discouraged about the things happening around us? Sometimes I do. However I need to remind myself daily that God is still on the throne. There is still work for all of us to do on earth. Read on to find out more. … More God is still on the throne

Don’t quit

Many of us when we are going through trials are tempted to quit. But God is saying today don’t quit. The view is worth it and so are the lessons on the journey. To find out more and how God sustains us in trials, read on. … More Don’t quit

Battle weary

Are you feeling tired? Has the battle been raging on too long? Maybe you feel like you just through one thing and then the next thing pops up and you need to start fighting once again. My question is are you a David or a Solomon. Which one you are may determine why you are constantly going through things? Read on to find out more. … More Battle weary