Taking the next step

It can be really scary but really exciting taking the next step. Generally it is into the unknown. Unknown territory, unknown challenges and unknown obstacles. Let’s think for a minute about a really good illustration of taking the next step. When my boys were younger and going from crawling to walking stage, there was always an encouraging word for them to take the first step. Once they had mastered that step, then we wanted them to take two steps and so on. As their muscles became stronger, they then started to run. That is where God wants us on our walk with Him- running the race that is set before us. But it all begins with just taking one step. Let’s look at a scripture that talks about taking steps. When we take a step with God, we not only go further but deeper too.

Ezekial 47 tells us of the story of the River of Healing but it is also the story of taking the next step. The angel was taking Ezekial out into the river. They were both standing on the edge when the angel measured off a set distance, then the water was up to Ezekial’s ankles. Another same set distance was measured, then the water was up to his knees. This continued until it was up to his waist and then over his head and he needed to swim. What’s the purpose of this? It is to show us that our next steps are carefully measured and we will not only go further in God but deeper. 

However the choice is yours and mine. If you want to go further with God and become more and more like Jesus, then there will always be a next step. The next step may not be comfortable as the water isn’t comfortable the higher it gets. It may feel like we are drowning in that next step but God won’t let us. Too many of us are content to dabble in ankle deep water – watching and wanting to be like others out in the distance swimming but never game enough to go further.

In the times we are living in, God requires that we go further. He requires that His body walk together in the same place and have the same vision and the same purpose. We may feel like we can’t cope with what God has in store for us and I’m telling you in the natural we can’t. But in the spiritual all things are possible for those who believe. Who believe what? Who believe that God is in control, that He is trustworthy and that He gives us all we need to swim and walk into the unknown.

So are you ready to take the next step. Pray and ask God what that is for you. A couple of years ago, God asked me to start this blog. I had all sorts of excuses and reasons but God wouldn’t let me use them. I guess if I had tried hard enough, He would have let me go and given the vision I was meant to fulfill to someone else. Never let your talent, education or past hold you back. Those things may shape you but they don’t define your future. It is time to let go and take that next step. You can do it! I know you can in God. Bless you, have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

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