Loving the house of God

Hi, how was your week? Mine was good. My husband and I went whale watching on Friday. You can check the photos out on my Instagram account. Last week, I was reading Psalm 84 and a question struck me – how do I treat the house of God. Maybe you have asked yourself that question too.

Do we eagerly look forward to going to church on Sundays to meet with others in the house of God or has it become a ritual in our lives? After reading the Psalm, I want to get my zeal back for the house of God.

One thing to remember is that back in the Old Testament, God did not live inside of people but dwelt in the Tabernacle. That’s where His presence was. However, after Jesus rose, He now dwells within us – we are His tabernacle or temple.

Let’s look at Psalm 84.

Verse 1 states “How lovely is your dwelling place”. When was the last time we called our church lovely. Since God dwells within us, when is the last time we thought of ourselves as lovely. What does lovely even mean? It means very beautiful or attractive. Are you attractive to the presence of God, am I? Is our church attractive to the presence of God? Do we even think like that? You know what makes our church lovely – it’s you and I being there full of the love of God. Let’s try to bring that into our churches every Sunday.

Verse 2 states that I long to enter into your courts and my whole being shouts joyfully to God. Is that how we enter church every Sunday – with a joy and a longing to be there. I know I am being convicted to change my attitude to Sunday’s. What about you?

I love what verse 4 and 5 states and we will end with that. Our joy comes from living in the presence of God and singing His praises and joy comes when my strength comes from Him. Joy comes! Do you want more joy instead of despair and gloom. Come into the presence of God and sing praises. That is the source of our strength.

This weekend as you go to church, let’s come in full of the love of God with joy in our lives because we know that no matter what happens, God is our strength. This is the way that you keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps


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