Time to let God shine

Many times in my life I have wondered and fretted why God is not allowing me to do those “easy” things. Maybe you are wondering that too! You know what I mean – those things for God that we deem easy- whether it is singing, serving, working with kids or just encouraging others. I believe that the time has come where God wants to move in our lives through things and plans that are extremely hard. How is God going to get the world’s attention if His people do easy stuff and not the hard stuff. 

God spoke to me and then through me a little under a week ago while I was having a conversation with someone.  My comment was that God is opening doors up for me to do hard things so God gets all the glory. You see when God does hard things through me He gets the glory not me. I can’t do it – not in my own strength anyway. It is God’s time to shine.

The story from the Bible in relation to this is found in Exodus. Moses knew there was a call of God on his life so one day when someone wasn’t being treated right, he took matters into his own hand and killed them. Others and Pharaoh found out and Moses fled into the wilderness. Moses stayed there a long time. But one day, a suddenly happened. A bush was burning and Moses went to investigate as the bush was still there in the midst of the fire.

God appeared to Moses and stated that it was now time to go back to Egypt and lead His people out to worship God. Moses came up with all kinds of excuses but God didn’t waver in the plan for Moses’ life. So what happened between fleeing Egypt and now being called back. Moses now knew He couldn’t lead in his own strength. Therefore, he thought he couldn’t lead at all. 

You see it is in those hard things that we come to realise what God is calling us to do. We may have a gifting over our life in that area or we may not. But God will take that hard thing and turn it around for His glory and His honour. How did Moses remain so humble even after all those miracles from God? Easy, he couldn’t do it without God.

Today, if God is telling you to do something hard, it probably is God because it is God’s time to shine. Take one step because you never know where it will lead. God and you make a formidable team. So get going and allow God to shine in your life!!


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