Same yesterday today and forever

In the changing world we live in, what or who are you holding onto? Is there an anchor for your world or do you live your life on quicksand. God said that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Find out why having God as our constant is so encouraging by reading on. … More Same yesterday today and forever

Battle weary

Are you feeling tired? Has the battle been raging on too long? Maybe you feel like you just through one thing and then the next thing pops up and you need to start fighting once again. My question is are you a David or a Solomon. Which one you are may determine why you are constantly going through things? Read on to find out more. … More Battle weary


Perspective is a funny thing. Often our perspective on situations and things relies on our past experiences. But it is also controlled by our attitude. The Word of God wants us to look at things and people from God’s perspective and it is different to how we generally see them. There is a story in the Bible that clearly shows perspective. Read on to find out more. … More Perspective