Familiarity does not bring miracles

Have you ever found yourself accepting the way your life is. Have you ever said, well this is my lot in life. In other words, my life can’t get better. We settle for ordinary and familiar when God wants us to believe him for the miraculous. Read on to find out more. … More Familiarity does not bring miracles

Jesus the Gate

In these uncertain times, it is good to remind ourself that Jesus is the gate. He leads us out each day and brings us safely home. That is a promise in the Bible and I these uncertain times, it is certainly one we all need and should cling to. Read more below for other verses to hold on to at this time. … More Jesus the Gate

What’s you new normal

My question for you is what does your new normal look like. Are you ready to step back into the world? What is it going to be like? As a Christian the only source of truth is the Bible and that is where we find the answers to these questions. God has allowed me to look at three stories in the Bible for some keys and a hope for the future. To find out more, read the below. … More What’s you new normal