What do you see

My question is how do I see people. For those that are famous, do I make them into idols in my heart, to the homeless do I see through eyes of compassion or contempt? How do I see people? Read on to find out how to see people and why? … More What do you see

Battle weary

Are you feeling tired? Has the battle been raging on too long? Maybe you feel like you just through one thing and then the next thing pops up and you need to start fighting once again. My question is are you a David or a Solomon. Which one you are may determine why you are constantly going through things? Read on to find out more. … More Battle weary

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a few days ago in my country. It is a time to honour mums and spoil them. But what does the Bible say about mums. Let’s journey through Proverbs 31 and see it through the eyes of a child. Read on to find out more. … More Mother’s Day