Stay close to the Word

The Bible- when that word is said what comes to mind? For some it is treated as an ornament for a table or just another book on the book shelf. But for those of us who really know, it is a life giving source and a treasure. Read on to find out why. … More Stay close to the Word

From tragedy to triumph

Last time I blogged on from triumph to tragedy. This time it’s the other way around as our story continues. Jesus’ death on the cross looked like the end and a real tragedy. But this crucifixion was like no other and after Jesus gave up His Spirit and died, what happened next is what has given people hope for 2000 years. This setting us free from sin, guilt, shame and fear and giving us all a life of love, joy and peace. It’s a gift but a gift has to be taken and all have the opportunity to receive. Read the blog for more. … More From tragedy to triumph