2020 – the year of restoration

When I was reflecting on 2019, God penned these words through me – 2020 – the year of restoration. Have there been things in your life that need to be restored? Maybe it’s your finances, your kids lives, your health, your home or your nation. This is the year to be expectant for God to move. So get ready for the journey by reading more here. … More 2020 – the year of restoration

When the picture looks messy

Have you ever had one of those weeks or months where everything seems chaotic and out of control? There seems to be one crisis after another. How do we deal with those times of chaos in a godly way? We can’t just run away, although that is one option. Read the blog to find out more and receive inspiration. Your tapestry of messy threads will one day turn over to reveal a beautiful picture. But until then… … More When the picture looks messy