Christmas – the promise

Have you ever pondered on how Mary must have felt when the angel visited her? She must have had more questions than answers running through her mind. But that didn’t stop her placing her complete trust in God and His delivered Word? How can we apply this to our daily lives? Read on to find out more. … More Christmas – the promise

Unmet expectations

The promise of Jesus had been spoken about for years in the Jewish culture. The verses were there for all to hear every Sabbath. So why when a virgin fell pregnant did no one remember the promise? Where was the expectation? And does the same thing happen in our lives. Read on to find our more. … More Unmet expectations

It’s okay to cry

Sometimes there are painful things that happen in our lives. We are told to have faith and trust God but what about our emotions. Does crying negate faith? No it doesn’t. It didn’t for Jesus in John 11 and it won’t for you. I am here to release something in you today, it’s okay to cry. Read more below … More It’s okay to cry