Let the little things go

Hi how are you this week? I am good. This week I transferred all of my blog posts to audio. So you can listen to them on Spotify or Apple I tunes. This is so exciting and I am really glad that the Word of God is being spoken all over the world. Don’t forget to order my book From Egypt to the Promised Land from Amazon. You can get a paper copy or an ebook. Thanks for your support.

This week I want to blog on letting the little things go. In our life, we allow God to help us with the big things as they are too difficult for us to do on our own. But often we handle the little things ourself. Except one little thing added to the next little thing added to the next little thing leads to exhaustion. God wants to carry all our burdens and not only the ones that are too big.

This is so prevalent in the story of Joshua as he and the Israelites entered the promised land. The first city they came across was Jericho. This city had huge, wide walls and the entry to the city was guarded. This was a huge challenge and one where Joshua knew wasn’t possible in his own strength. So he required the strategy of God.

God told him that the Israelites were to march around the wall once a day for six days in silence. Then on the seventh day they were to march around it seven times in silence then at the end of the seventh time, give a shout. The walls would then come down. This sounds like a weird strategy but it worked.

The next town to be conquered was Ai. It was so small compared to Jericho that Joshua didn’t seek the strategy from God. He thought he could do it in his own strength and the strength of his army. So the Israelites went into conquer Ai and were soundly defeated. The whole camp of the Israelites were so upset. Men had lost their lives and the confidence levels of the army were lowered.

Joshua then went to God. But not only was a strategy needed but repentance and a dealing with sin was required. If Joshua had of gone to God, God would have revealed Achan’s sin to him.

Many times in our own lives, we come across little things to deal with. This could be one of your children playing up, finances being short that week, disagreements in your marriage or workplace issues. We don’t go to God because we have handled it before and think we can do it again. But while we may have got through it last time, this time God wants to be involved. God not only wants to give us a strategy through but He also wants to reveal changes that we may need to make in our own lives or in the lives of our family.

This is why we need God so much. He can see the big picture, we can’t- He can see the future, we can’t.

God wants to be totally involved in our lives in both the little things and the big things. Song of Solomon 2:15 states that the little foxes spoil the vine. Why? Because it is those little things that add up that can create stress and tension in our lives.

The word from God today is let Him handle those little things and big things. He just wants to help you as only a daddy can.

Bless you heaps and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you



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