The bigness of God

Hi how are you all today? I am good and currently on holidays. I know I have just had one not long ago but this one has been booked for ages. What is your favourite thing about holidays? Mine is relaxing and recharging.

I am looking at the ocean and as I look, the ocean goes on for miles. There is not another boat around nor is there anything flying by. Just a vast ocean of water.

The bigness of the ocean causes me to think about the bigness of God. How big is God when He is bigger than the oceans, which I can only see a little of?

Psalm 104 in the Message Bible gives us a glimpse of the bigness of God. The start of the psalm is:

my soul, bless God!

God, my God, how great you are!
beautifully, gloriously robed,
Dressed up in sunshine,
and all heaven stretched out for your tent.
You built your palace on the ocean deeps,
made a chariot out of clouds and took off on wind-wings.
You commandeered winds as messengers,
appointed fire and flame as ambassadors.
You set earth on a firm foundation
so that nothing can shake it, ever.
You blanketed earth with ocean,
covered the mountains with deep waters;
Then you roared and the water ran away—
your thunder crash put it to flight.
Mountains pushed up, valleys spread out
in the places you assigned them.
You set boundaries between earth and sea;
never again will earth be flooded.

Can you see the bigness of God in this psalm. Let’s look at a few things:

  • The heaven is stretched out as the tent of God. Can you even imagine this? I can’t. God is so big – His tent covers the heaven. This is not what can only be seen above but covers the whole solar system and beyond. How big is God?
  • God built His palace on the ocean depths. Have you ever been to the deepest part of the ocean and stood on the bottom? None of us have or ever could as it is so big. Can you imagine the bigness of God from this?
  • God roared and the waters ran away. This means on creation God spoke and dry land appeared. The waters ran at His command. Can you imagine this? If I speak, not one drop of water generally obeys, let alone an earth full of water. By faith, we can speak to storms etc and they will go away if we believe.

So can you see the bigness of God? This is not written so that you would be scared of God but in awe. A holy God is so big, yet so concerned with you and I and our daily lives. It is equally hard to imagine a big God being personally involved one on one with us.

When I pray, God is concerned about every thing I am concerned about. He is a personal God and He totally loves me. But that care and concern is meted out for all of us.

I love what the angels said in Psalm 8:4- what is man that you are mindful of him. Can’t you see them asking? God what is this creature You have made to worship You. They are so small and you are so big. Are you sure?

Yes – God is sure. He is so sure that He sent Jesus to be our sacrifice so that we could be eternally with God if we choose.

So today, think about the bigness of God and that in all His bigness, He chooses you.

Bless you and keep living the life God intended for you.

Have a great week



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