How to keep going

Hi how are you all today? I am okay. There is a lot happening in my world at the moment. It is Sunday today in my country and the weather is warm. We had water baptisms at church this morning which was great. I always find myself with tears in my eyes at this event as I watch them go into the water one way and come out free. God is so amazing!

This blog I want to touch on how to keep going. I have been in a tough time lately. Things have happened in my world that have rocked me. I think sometimes to myself I don’t know how I am going to handle one more devastating thing. But that is wrong perspective because it is never me who handles any crisis but God in me giving me the strength and wisdom I need.

The truth is that it is in these times that our faith and trust in God are deepened further and are cemented stronger. It is the wise man or woman who builds on the rock and it is the wise man or woman who trusts solely in God.

It is at this time that I am reminded of the story of Ruth in the book of Ruth. Have you really ever thought about what she went through? Let’s start at the beginning.

A new family comes into her town in the land of Moab. They are a Jewish family who are trying to maintain their customs but also fit in. There is something strange about them. Over time she gets to know them and falls in love with their son who she marries.

We are not sure how long she was married for but the union produced no offspring. Then her father in law dies and then her husband. She is widowed, barren and living in a family with strange customs and ways.

One day her mother in law decides that it is in her best interests to return to her country. Ruth decides to go with her as she can’t let her travel on her own. Her sister in law also goes.

But into the journey, her mother in law issues the girls with a command – go back to your country, I have nothing to offer. The sister in law goes back but Ruth sees something different. Those customs that were strange now seem normal and they even offer a better way to live. Ruth saw something in Naomi that Naomi couldn’t see in herself.

In those times of hardship and trouble that each of us go through, God gives us a glimpse inside of ourselves. We look on the outside and see one thing after another that requires our attention and we think I can’t do it. God gives us a glimpse on the inside where we see a deep trust and faith that we didn’t know we possessed.

There is something freeing and beautiful when we realise that we don’t journey through stuff alone – but we journey with God.

How do we keep going? The answer is with God. Ruth left her family, her home, her customs and her way of life. She sacrificed herself for Naomi. But she ended up with far more- a God who she had relationship with, a husband, a home, children and a place in the family line of Jesus.

I believe God is going to take our hardships and turn them into something beautiful. The things we are going through are going to lead us into a life we could only dream about. But one thing to remember is it’s only God and His leading, guidance and direction that will get us through.

So this week, keep going with God. You won’t believe where you will end up. Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you



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