Asking a prophet

Hi how are you all today? I am well. This week has been better as God spoke to me and told my to stand still and see the salvation of God. You see when there is nothing more in the natural we can do, then we need to totally trust and rely on God. He said that nothing was impossible for Him and I just need to believe it. This can be really hard sometimes as in the natural it looks like nothing is changing. But I need to remind myself that God works from the inside out – deep inside those places we can’t see. So that’s what I am doing – trusting.

This week I want to look at John 4. The story starts in verse 1 and is the story of when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus asked a seemingly common question which was can I have a drink? The answer should have been yes or no but this woman was different – she was searching for truth and acceptance.

Her answer was I am a Samaritan woman and you are a Jew. Did you not get the memo that Samaritans and Jews don’t talk to each other?

Jesus then deals with her longing on the inside for fresh cleansing water. Her guilt is probably eating her up and she needs to be cleansed on the inside. This is so like all of us. There is a longing on the inside of all of us to be deeply cleansed of sin, guilt and shame. These are all hard to carry but Jesus came to clean us up.

In verse 15, the woman thought Jesus was talking about physical water so she asked for it so she wouldn’t have to ever go to the well again. The conversation takes a surprising turn. Jesus told her to call her husband.

She didn’t have one but had five before and was currently living with someone and you thought this was a modern thing. Jesus was exposing her sin so He could heal her. The next part is what really captured my attention this week.

If you were in her situation and had just discovered that Jesus was a prophet, what would you ask? What about tell me my future – am I going to marry this guy and will it work? What about – Jesus tell me how I can come out here and not feel shame? Jesus – what does my future look like etc?

She didn’t ask anything about herself or her future. She wanted to know about worship. In verse 18, she wanted a place to worship – to tell God how good He was and to lay out her life for Him to do something with. This is always the heart of the worshipper – to give God glory and be found doing His will.

The result of her question was that Jesus revealed Himself to this woman. She was the first person outside of the Jewish nation He revealed Himself to. She was not a perfect woman but one that had much sin in her life. But the reason Jesus came to her was her searching heart.

She left Jesus and told the whole town. They all came to see Him and He stayed a couple of days with them.

My question to you and I today is what would we ask a prophet? Are we concerned about us or do we have a heart for God? Do we want to know our future is secure or do we want a Word from God regarding the ministry He has for us to do.

Let’s come to God with a searching heart full of worship and adoration for Him. Our lives will be forever changed just like this woman’s was. We all need a heart of worship.

So this week pray for a heart of worship and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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