When things don’t go well

Hi how are you today? I am well. My announcement will be coming out on Sunday and I am so excited to share it with you all. I will be still writing this weekly blog but have a new assignment from God. How has your week been?

Good question- how has mine been? It has been challenging to say the least. I applied for a position that lots of people thought I had a good chance in and missed out. How do you come back from something like that? Please comment if you have some great strategies.

It reminds me of a story in the Bible regarding King David. You may have read this story but it was before he became king. It is the story of Ziklag. However, we are not starting there. I want to explore the story before as that had a big impact on what happened in Ziklag.

Let’s look at the first story starting in 1 Samuel 29. David and his men had been living in Philistine territory for a while as King Saul was hunting David to kill him. In chapter 28, we read that the Philistine armies were preparing to war with Israel. Achish, a Philistine asked David to go out to battle with him and David agreed. What? David agreed to fight against the people whom God said that one day he would lead. Surely that wasn’t right. What was David thinking?

In chapter 29, the lords of the Philistines inspected their army. They were not happy that David and his men were there. Why? Because they were Hebrews and could easily swap sides in the battle. So the lords told them they didn’t belong in their army. Correct! David and his men did not belong in a foreign army.

But David argued and lost and was sent away. However, when they arrived home, in chapter 30, it states that their city had been burned with fire and their families were literally kidnapped. Talk about things not going well. I have never been in this situation but things that happen in each of our lives can be just as traumatic.

I have blogged before on what David did in this situation. He strengthened himself in God which is what we all should do. We should let feelings come such as sadness but don’t dwell there too long. For some of you, it is time to rise again and strengthen yourself in the Lord, not run to the pastor, but God.

But I wonder what would have happened if David had of stayed home and not gone to try and fight against his own nation? He would have fought the Amalekites in his own region and not have to chase after them. The wives and children of David and his men would have been spared a traumatic experience. His town would not have been burned down etc.

Sometimes I think things don’t go well for us because we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. God is calling us to do this and we are over there doing that or we are trying to get ourselves promoted when God has a better future for us.

After experiencing what I did when I was so disappointed, God in His loving grace and mercy redirected my focus later that day to where He wants it to be. I am truly grateful for that.

If you find things are not going well for you, seek God and see if you are away from where He wants you to be? If you are, repent and get back on track. This happens to most of us and usually multiple times until we get it. So don’t condemn yourself, just get corrected and keep going with God.

This is the way that you keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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