Gods great mercy

Hi how are you all this week. I am good. I had an okay week last week as we had some sad news in our family. Have you ever had those weeks? That sort of news can leave you feeling a little deflated. In those times, I need to remind myself that God is still on the throne and is with me. Most of the time though I forget that truth in the moment.

This week I want us to think about and remember the mercy and grace of God. I mean sometimes when I stop and really think about it, I get so overwhelmed by it all. It is just amazing to me that the creator of the universe thought the world needed me and then He created me. I was not an afterthought or an accident or even unwanted (even though in the natural I was). I am made in the image of God to do a unique work on this planet.

That is so far above what I could even think or comprehend. How did all this come about? Well, this year, I have been reading the Chronological Bible. This is the Bible where someone or a group of people have attempted to put the Bible in date order. It is so great to read it this way. I encourage you too as you can see which parts of which book fit where.

I am up to the stories of the Israelites just before they went into seventy years of captivity in Babylon. As I am reading the stories and the prophetic books interjected with them, I am feeling the heart of God. He just wanted His people back and did everything He could to turn them back. His mercy for them was astounding to me. God didn’t only give them one chance, He gave them hundreds over many years. God never stopped fighting for His people until the time they made it absolutely clear that they didn’t believe God or His prophets. That was a sad day.

God never wants any one of us to go away from Him. His hearts desire is that we all would repent (everyone in the world) and turn back to Him. Why would we do that. Let me ask you some questions:

1. What other God has a good plan and purpose for your life?

2. What other God created you?

3. What other God sent His Son to show you how to live and then die for you so the chasm between you and God would be bridged over?

4. What other God can you talk to personally?

5. What other God forgives you and loves you unconditionally?

6. What other God has only two commandments – love Me and love others?

7. What other God wants you to prosper in all areas of your life?

8. What other God has created an eternal home for you?

9. What other God forgives you and takes away your guilt and shame?

There is no other God other than the One true God Who is the God of the Bible. The creator, redeemer, saviour, Lord and friend.

He is my God full of grace, mercy and love. I pray that you will allow Him to be your God too. You won’t regret it.

Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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