The importance of light

Hi how are you all? Sorry that this post is a bit late this week. Last week I was on holidays and flew to a beautiful island off the coast of my country. Was it filled with hot days and sandy beaches? Not really because it is winter where I live. It was filled with amazing scenery and fabulous history including historical buildings.

In one of its past uses, it was a harsh prison colony for convicts. One of the most interesting things was when we did a tour through what’s left of the old prison and the guide started talking about solitary confinement. Now this is a place I never hope to find myself.

The solitary confinement on this island consisted of an extremely small, dark cell. No light could get in at all. The guide asked us what we thought the result of this would be? We said loneliness, fear etc. What astounded me and others is that the mental anguish of these prisoners was the worst. You see our bodies need a certain amount of light to function and more than light – sunlight in particular. If we don’t get enough sunlight then depression, anxiety and madness can be the result. How long does this take to manifest? Generally less than a week.

In our lives, we also need the light for our minds and bodies to function optimally but we also need light in our spirit man. We need the light of the world – Jesus. When we invite Him into our lives, darkness, depression and despair have to leave as light overrides all of that. One of my favourite verses is found in Malachi 4:2 in the NIV Bible:

But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.

The light will come in and allow healing access into our lives to revive us. Darkness cannot survive in this atmosphere.

One of the best stories in the Bible to illustrate this is in the healing of blind Bartimaeus. It is found in Mark 20:46- 52. Jesus came to Jericho but appeared to walk right through it without stopping. Clearly He was on a mission to do His Fathers will. They were leaving the city and blind Bartimaeus was on that side of the city sitting there begging. All of a sudden, he heard a noise and a commotion. What was happening? Did he need to run or was he safe where he was?

Someone told him that Jesus was coming. This was an invitation he couldn’t refuse so he started to yell out to get the attention of Jesus. He had been in darkness for so long and the light of the world was about to pass by. All he needed was some of that light.

But there was a problem. A lot of people were telling him to be quiet. Didn’t they understand, light was coming? So he shouted even louder. Miracle of miracles – Jesus stopped and called for him. Light stopped to drown out the darkness.

Jesus then asked him a question. “What can I do for you”? It was a strange question given that Bartimaeus was blind and Jesus could see that. But Jesus can only give us what our faith demands of Him. “I want to see” was Bartimaeus’ response. I need your light to take away the darkness. Jesus then healed him.

This is the same question Jesus asks of us today – what can I do for you? Our response should be I need you and to become more like you. I need your light to remove my darkness. If there are dark places in your life, talk to Jesus about them and receive His light by faith. It was faith that healed Bartimaeus and faith that will heal you and I too.

This week take the light of Jesus wherever you go and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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