Are you known by God

Hi how are you all doing today? I am well and less busy at work this week than I was last week. This is due to end of financial year for my country. Guess what! It is raining again in my city. I don’t think it knows how to stop. We had a few weeks of fine weather – now it is raining and cold.

This week I want to ask us all a question. Are we known by God? This statement was coming up in my spirit the other day. I wonder if any of us have ever considered this question?

Well you could say “yes” because we have given our hearts and lives to Him. That may be true but I don’t want to be known by God on a shallow level but a much deeper level.

To delve further into this, let’s look at the life of Moses especially in the wilderness. The story I want to look at is found in Numbers 12. This is where Aaron and Miriam spoke against Moses. So what happened? God heard them. If there is anything that I know it is that God hears us – every idle word we speak and every blessing and curse that comes out of our mouths, He hears.

So what did God do? He pulled Aaron and Miriam aside and bragged on Moses. If there is anything you don’t want to do, it is pull someone down when God wants to brag on them. That is why it is dangerous to speak against another Christian. They are made in Gods image and we are speaking against God when we pull a person down. Notice I said person, not actions. We will be judged by our fruit, not our identity.

In verse 6, it states that for most prophets back then, God spoke to them in visions and dreams. But in verse 8, God says that He speaks with Moses face to face and that Moses sees the form of the Lord. Isn’t that wonderful? Moses had such an amazing relationship with God that Moses knew God intimately face to face. If you are speaking face to face with someone, generally you creep into their personal space. So for God and Moses to speak like this, it was very personal.

How would you like to know God this personally? I would. Is it possible? It is for us because Jesus’ death and resurrection opened up the throne room of God in the spiritual so we could meet with God face to face.

So my question is- are we going to step forward and come to know God this way or are we going to hang back? God wants us in the throne room with Him. But He will only draw near to us as we draw neat to Him.

This week let us draw more closely to God and in doing so, we can both know God more intimately and be known by Him.

Have a blessed week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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