Just one thing

Hi how are you all? I am well but so tired of the constant rains and flooding. The weather is so unusual. We have had no cyclones cross the coast this season but three floods. All the ground is saturated and it seems everything in my house is damp. I can’t wait for days of sunshine.

Isn’t this like us when we feel down or don’t feel like things are going so great? We feel there is no hope. But there always is- the Son Jesus. He is our light when things are dark and our heat when things are cold. He is and should be our Son shine.

This week I want to talk about just one thing. Have you ever heard yourself say it? Just one more chocolate before I eat healthy? Just one more show/ book before I go to bed? What is it about just one thing that we hang on to and crave?

It all started in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2. God told Adam he could eat of any tree but one. Just one tree was all he had to leave alone. He could still smell the flowers and touch the tee but he was not allowed to eat the fruit. Just think for a moment about the hundreds of fruit trees there would have been in the Garden and then think of the vegetable plants. On top of that, there were all the nut trees.

There was plenty to eat instead of focusing on that one thing you couldn’t. But the tempter came and tempted with just one thing and sin came into mankind. It was just one thing that caused the fall in the Garden of Eden.

So what about you and I? What is that one more thing that can get us into trouble? Is it one more alcoholic drink and then you become drunk and lose control? Is is one more game and the thing has you hooked? Is it one more swear word and then you feel you can’t stop yourself? What is that one more thing?

For me, it is always the thrill of knowing I beat the next level in the game. But I know just one thing can lead me down a wrong path. So what’s the solution? Pray and ask God to deliver you from that one thing.

Of course once that one is gone, other things will come and tempt us. This is an ongoing battle but it is one where we can win it with Jesus.

This week think about your one thing? Is it hindering your life or your walk with God? If yes, pray and ask God to help you conquer it. He will because He loves us and doesn’t want us left flailing by ourselves.

I know you can do this. I know I can do this. Together, let’s cheer each other on to victory in this area. I know you will succeed. Why? Because Jesus is with you and we all want to keep living the life God intended for us.

Bless you


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