Mother’s Day thoughts

Hi how are you all today? I am well. The weather in my city again has the forecast of flooding rain but this time the temperature is cool. We will see what eventuates over the next few days.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in my country. This is a day when we celebrate mums- natural, adoptive, step and spiritual. It is a good day to reflect on how much your mother means to you. Sometimes kids grow up with no mum and that makes me sad. If that is you then I am sorry for your circumstances.

This was my first year without my mum and it was sad. I went to the shops but didn’t have to buy a present. It was upsetting😭😭. In this post I want to just reflect on mothers.

A mother generally carries a baby inside for nine months, then carries them in her arms for two or so years and then holds their hand for a few years after that. Then what? A mother then carries the child in her heart forever.

This is how I am with my boys. I am now carrying them in my heart and in my prayers. A mothers love carries on forever. It doesn’t stop. Often a mothers love is the nearest love to the love Jesus has for us. A mum will love you through thick and thin and even those times when her heart is broken, her love never is. It is an unconditional love that goes on. This is similar to God’s love for us except He loved us before we knew about Him.

Granted some mums are not like this, but most are. The best mother- daughter relationship I see in the Bible is Naomi and Ruth. Ruth loved her mother in law when all Naomi saw was bitterness. Ruth provided for her in Israel – the land of Naomi but not the land of Ruth.

But Naomi’s mother heart started to soften and she then wanted to provide for Ruth. She told her what to do in Ruth 3 to procure a husband – her kinsman redeemer. The one that would love her, provide for her and grant Naomi an heir to carry on her husbands name. That man was Boaz

Ruth had a son and Naomi nursed him as her own – giving her an heir in the family where she previously had none. The love between Naomi and Ruth is how the love should be between mother and child. It is a love of protection, provision and promise.

This is what I desire – a relationship with my boys that is an everlasting love full of protection, provision and a promise for the future. I hope that is your prayer too for your children, if you are a mum.

If we are a follower of Jesus, we should also desire a love relationship like this with Him. Jesus is our protector, provider and the keeper of promises because of love. This love is a reciprocal love, although sometimes I don’t think I love Jesus as much as He loves me.

I hope this has blessed you this week to keep loving your mum and children and to keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps


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