My heart thoughts

Hi how are you all today? I am well. Our state is having a public holiday today so I am having a day off from my normal job. Does your country have public holidays and how go you spend them?

In this weeks blog, I just want to share what’s on my heart. I hope it will help others too in the season we are in. First, lockdowns in my country are over and we are being told to live with Covid. Both my husband and I have had it and let me tell you, the fatigue is not nice. It drains you. So what do I think about living with the virus?

The one big advantage is that we have our freedom back. We can go where we want and do what we want which is great. I feel like I can start planning for the future and believing God for where He wants to take me.

But and there is a big but. I realised yesterday in church that I was limiting God in my believing. I was literally putting conditions on my believing. Okay God I feel you are telling us to do this but God we can’t afford it or I don’t have the connections or the ability.

I don’t know about you but we have to start believing God for things bigger than what we can see. If our believing equals our seeing, that is not faith but sight. Faith is when we trust God to bring those things to pass that are too big for our current believing.

Some examples in the Bible are:

  • Noah built an ark when he had never seen rain.
  • Isaac planted a crop in the middle of drought.
  • David fought a giant who the Israelite army was scared of.
  • Ruth went with her mother in law although she was an outcast.
  • Mary gave birth to Jesus even though she was a virgin.

These are all examples of miraculous things happening when people, just like you and me, choose to believe in a God that is much bigger than what we can see.

So how about you today? Are you like me and limiting God? Let’s be like Peter who steps out on the water and walks just because his eyes were on Jesus. Where are we focussed? On what’s around us or on Who lives inside us.

God loves us so much and Jesus came to give us an abundant life in Him. What does this look like for you? For some it could mean a change of career. Well go for it. Go back to university if you need too. You have the mind of Christ, you can do it.

For some it means a new house or car. Well believe God for it but make sure you are looking after the one you already have been given. Maybe it’s a baby. Hannah and others in the Bible prayed for a baby and God granted their request. He is no respecter of persons, so He can fill your request.

Maybe it is to put more money into missions. Whatever it is, the dream must be bigger than you but must also impact for good what God loves best – people. Who are you making the world a better place for?

God wants to bless us but also invest in others. When we keep others as our focus, God will provide.

So this week, dream big then believe big. You never know how God is going to minister through you to others.

Bless you and have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.


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