Your stuff is not you

Hi how are you all today? I am well. I have just been on holidays and had a good time at home. The weather is getting cooler and the rain has not stopped- we are all hoping it will. It feels like the wettest wet season we have had. I hope your weather is being nice to you.

In this blog, I really feel to talk about identity. You see many of us are confusing who we are with what we are dealing with. For example, I am a bad parent because my child is acting up or I am a loser because I failed at this one thing.

Who you are as a person is not what you are currently going through. Issues and stuff changes but our identity shouldn’t. What’s the reason for this? Our identity is not who we are but who or what we are anchored in. I am anchored in Jesus so my identity comes from Him and who He says I am.

I can’t be a failure if I am the righteousness of God and have right standing with God. I might fail at stuff but it is not who I am. I am not insignificant or a waste of space if I am anchored in God and am the son or daughter of the King. I am not at the bottom of the heap if I am anchored in God and He says I am the head and not the tail.

King David was one example in the Bible where his issues were separate from his identity. He was a man after Gods heart but he sinned in an incredible way by committing adultery and murder in the one situation. Everyone would have been calling him a bad person but not God. What he did was wrong but that’s not who he was.

This is the reason God tells us not to judge. God looks at our behaviour and attitudes and corrects us but we look and comment on the identity of the person. We look at behaviour and link them to identity but that is not Gods ways nor is it godly.

Now let’s look at a man who thought his identity was the issue. I am talking about King Saul. Samuel had told him that he would meet him in a certain place in seven days. When Samuel didn’t come, King Saul took on the titleof priest and sacrificed animals. This story is found in 1 Samuel 13. Samuel called Saul to account and said why have you done this? Saul’s response was that the people were deserting him, Samuel hadn’t come and the enemy had arrived. Therefore he felt compelled to do it.

What made Saul disobey? Quite simply, the fear of man and the fear of the enemy. He didn’t remember that God was with him and that God had promised something through Samuel. He lost his identity in the circumstances.

This can happen to us too. The waves can seem bigger than the stronghold of our identity in Jesus. We can lose sight of who we are and Whose we are if our eyes are firmly fixed on the issues.

When trials come, and they will, we need to be firmly anchored in Jesus. With Jesus, we will never be alone and the Word says we can do all things through Jesus. So, with Jesus by our side, we are a majority.

This week, check where you are anchored. Is it in Jesus or the issues? If it is in the issues, then start reading your Bible so you know who you are and then ground yourself in the truth of the Word.

This way, we will keep living the life God intended for us.

Bless you


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