Hey that’s mine

Hi how are you all today? I am well. The weather in my country is getting cooler. I know in some of your countries it is getting warmer. Hope is always found in the different hemispheres of the world. I have hope that my weather will turn warmer in a number of months because I can see it in places like America. I love how God has woven hope in creation and in the different seasons.

This week I want to blog on Hey that’s mine. This is a common saying when we are kids and someone tries to steal our stuff. But as we get older, this saying is rare in our lives. But I want us to bring this saying back into our Christian lives.

For too long, the devil has stolen off us. He has stolen our kids in church, our dreams, our health and our fear and wonder and love of God. But it’s time to say – hey that’s mine.

Let’s read a story in Judges 11 which will explain further. The Ammonites wanted to make war with Israel. So the elders of Gilead went to find Jephthah so he could be their leader. When he agreed, he sent messengers to the King of the Ammonites to ask what they were upset about. I am not sure if this is the tactic we should employ of asking the enemy what’s wrong.

The Kings response was that Israel had taken their land and they wanted it back. This seems fair enough until we read the history of the taken land.

In verse 19 of chapter 11 of Judges we find out the reason. Israel was coming from Egypt to the Promised Land and wanted to pass through the land of the Amorites ( who possessed the land at that time). However the king wouldn’t let them and he gathered all his people to fight against Israel. The Amorites lost and God gave the Israelites the land.

Now the Ammonites wanted it and said it was theirs. But Jephthah was firm and wouldn’t give up this possession that God had won for them.

We need to be as stubborn as Jephthah and not give up the land and other things that God has given us. We need to get a tenacity on the inside of us that says hey that’s mine and not let go.

We don’t fight our enemy, the devil with physical weapons but spiritual ones. We need to stand on the promises in the Word of God and fight the fight of faith for what’s rightfully ours. Is it an easy fight? Sometimes but not generally which is why when we have done all we can, we just need to stand. The battle is not ours, but Gods. The enemy is trying to steal what God has already given us and that is not okay.

So this week when the enemy prowls around trying to steal off you, say hey that’s mine and don’t let it go. This is one aspect of living the life God intended for all of us.

Bless you heaps


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