Released from darkness

Hi how are you all today? Do you ever feel like you go from one thing to another or is that just me? One crisis finishes and it is not long until the next one starts. My kids seem to do challenges together. So instead of being able to pour my energies into only one of them, I need to divide my energies between them.

Don’t get me wrong? I love being a mum but one thing at a time is more my style, or none at all would be better. I guess God has graced me with the ability to handle anything as long as He is steering, I am all good.

Speaking of the above, I was thinking of the things happening around me the other day when I felt an impression. I felt a voice say the darkest and coldest part of night comes just before the dawn. How do we know we are getting closer to breakthrough, it feels colder and darker than ever before.

I don’t know about you but sometimes it is easier to keep things in my life hidden rather than bring them into the light. It is like walking in a cave and all of a sudden, light comes and it feels like you can’t see. Your eyes hurt and just want to stay closed.

That’s what happens with those things in our lives we want to keep hidden. We decide one day that God can be Lord over everything in our life. So up those things come towards the light. It may be shame, hidden jealousy, low self esteem , hidden anger, hidden addiction etc. God starts moving it towards the light and when it is nearly exposed, it is too bright and too hard and we let them drop back into the abyss of our lives and hearts.

In this year of release, God wants us all to be brave. He wants us to allow Him to draw up and expose those hidden things in our lives. He desires that we be a pure bride of Christ with nothing hidden but our lives shining for all the world to see. But first, it is extraction time.

Will you and I let God have His way in our lives and do some mining- not of gems and precious stones- but of dirt and dross so that we can be made clean and whole. There is a world out there that needs to see Jesus but He can only be exposed in our lives through light.

Jesus is coming soon and wants to make us ready for His return. Will we be brave and courageous enough to take this step? I am going to as I need to be transformed to be more like Jesus – to be a walking, talking example of Him. Who is going to join me? I pray and hope you all will. Be totally blessed and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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