Released for love

Hi how are you all today on Valentines Day – the day we celebrate the one who loves us. My husband and I don’t do anything special on this day as he says every day is Valentines Day. Oh , how sweet. But what if I never married and were single or divorced or the only girl that doesn’t have a boyfriend, does this mean that this day holds no significance for me.

Most answers would be- no the day is not for you. But I am here to tell you Valentines Day and what it represents are meant for everyone – especially those who love Jesus. Most of us have heard or read the verse in John 3:16 that states “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will not die but have everlasting life”.

This is the verse that each of us needs to remind themselves of every Valentines Day. God loves you and me far more, far deeply and far wider than anyone else in the world can. He knows who we are and desperately wants us to say you’re mine like God says you’re mine. Even when all around us forsakes us or doesn’t understand us, God does. This is such good news.

So what about human relationships? God expects us to have them too. He said that it wasn’t good that mankind be alone, I will make a helpmeet. There is also another verse that says two are better than one. So today if you have a spouse, then make sure you tell them you love them and give them a hug.

But what about those that are single and desperately want a mate. God wants to release you this year from the expectations of others for you at this time. But He also wants to release you of the burden that you are carrying. Nobody loves me is a lie from Satan and so are all those other thoughts that bring you down. We have just determined that God loves you dearly. So allow Him to remove that burden from your shoulder. It is not yours to carry.

So what should you do if you are single? In my opinion, enjoy it. My single years were cut short to three years or so with the birth of my oldest son. I love him lots., don’t get me wrong.

The single years are the time to grow your relationship with God, to do and experience the world around us as only singles can and to fulfil some of those dreams eg ride a motorbike that might be hard to start once you are married. Being single comes with freedom and adventure. Enjoy this time and if you are meant to be married, the person will come along right in the middle of your adventures.

If you are busy serving God and having fun, then your focus will be on God and others and not yourself. But don’t get too caught up that you miss the person for you right there in your group.

So, this Valentines Day, thank God for your relationship with Him. Then whatever season you are in, embrace it and enjoy it. A change of season could be just around the corner.

Have a great day and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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