Released to the call

Hi how are you all? I am well. We celebrated our country’s national day today but didn’t do anything special as it rained all day. Do you celebrate your country’s national day?

We have been looking at stories of release from but today I want to look at a story of release to. Remember the theme for this year is the year of release. When we talk about release to, what is your first reaction? Is it oh no Karen full time ministry is not my thing and I don’t like public speaking? It is true that todays story launches the person into ministry but being released into does not always mean that.

In life, we get released into all the time. We go from childhood to school to the workforce to marriage to children etc. Throughout our life we are released into different stages. This is in the natural. But what about the spiritual and soul realms. We can only be released into once our character can sustain us being there and that’s what takes the time. In God, we have to be ready for the releasing into.

So our story starts in John 21. Before Jesus came, many of the disciples were fishermen. So after Jesus died, Peter decided that all was lost and he was going back to what he already knew (verse 3). Who knows when we go back to what we already knew that it probably won’t end well? We won’t have the same calling to do that thing anymore.

Verse 3 then goes on to tell us the results of going back. They toiled all night and caught nothing. They must have been discouraged – we can’t even do the old right. But in the morning something miraculous happened. Jesus was there and called out – let your nets down on the other side. They did and were successful. The old only works with Jesus.

But it is in verse 15 that we see the releasing into when Jesus starts a conversation with Peter. He starts off by testing his love and commitment then tells Peter to feed the lambs, tend the sheep and feed the sheep. In that moment, Jesus released Peter into his calling and purpose. Jesus was basically saying that He was leaving and Peter was taking over. Jesus gave Peter the strategy. Feed the lambs – be gentle with the new ones and teach them my ways. Tend the sheep – anoint them with oil and heal their wounds and make sure they are okay. Then feed them – not on basics but on revelation. Peter was being released into and it was not fishing. If we read on into Acts, there is not another time we see him fishing. He operates in what he has been released into.

How about you? Has God released you into something like nursing, business, ministry, counselling etc and you have gone back to the familiar and old. God is calling you today to take that leap of faith and be again released into what He has called you to do. Is there something you are not doing? For me it is writing a book. I have stalled because fears come over me.

It is time for you and I to stand together, release the fears and be released into our call and purpose. Who is coming with me? I hope you all will do that and together we can live the life God intended for all of us.

Bless you


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