Close the wound

Hi how are you all today? I am good but at times feel a little lost after my mum passed just before Christmas. It is in these seasons that I need to remind myself to stick close to God. He is not finished with me yet and I have not accomplished all I am called to be and do.

This week I want to examine how to be released from. You might remember that the word for this year is release. God wants to do a deep work in some of our lives and close the wounds of our past. He wants to release us from the pain and the shame of those wounds.

For this, we are going to look at the story of the woman with the issue of blood and use poetic licence to tell her story. Her story is told starting in Mark 5:21.

We don’t know the marital status of this woman. If she was single then she wouldn’t be able to have a job as she was considered unclean. From the story we know that she did have money as she went to countless doctors and paid them, but they couldn’t help her. So she may have been married. If she was then the laws forbade her to have relations with her husband as she was considered unclean. Therefore she possibly didn’t even have a child. This alone would have made her feel ashamed and even useless. This woman, after twelve years was a desperate woman. Her self-worth was crushed and her relationships were possibly not much better. She was doomed to a life of uncleanliness.

Until she heard of a miracle healer – Jesus. Should she go out and find where He was? He was her only hope. She needed to go inconspicuously as she could be stoned if the religious leaders saw her. She needed to take that risk. I will crawl and just touch Him, she thought. So that’s what she did. She covered herself up so she wasn’t recognisable and went in search of Jesus. When she saw the crowd it was too big for her to push through so she crawled. She made it and touched the hem of His garment and was totally healed. In an instant, she was healed of her sickness, her shame and her relationship problems were solved. She was released and free to continue her life unhindered from sickness and shame.

Some of us may be like this woman spiritually and need to be released. We may have deep wounds within us that are bleeding and can’t be healed. Maybe these deep wounds are words spoken over you, abuse you may have suffered or even rejection. This deep wound is stopping you from fulfilling the call of God on your life as it is burdening you and literally sucking the life out of you.

It is time for you to be released from this deep wound. Come to Jesus and allow Him to heal. Allow the oil of the Holy Spirit and the water of the Word of God to do that deep healing within you.

God has a great plan for your life and it hurts His heart to see you continuing to hold on to that deep wound instead of releasing it to Him. Come on you can do it. I have faith in you. God longs to heal you, will you let Him?

I am praying for each of you that reads this that you will allow the burden to be healed so you can walk out this year in freedom. I believe in you and know that with me we want to continue living the life that God intended for us.

Bless you heaps


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