Don’t quit

Hi how are you all? I hope you are going well. This week I am on spring break holidays. I really enjoy this time of the year. It is warm during the day (no sweaty days yet) and cooler at night so I can sleep. Great time of the year.

So this week I didn’t have a title to my blog so that’s why it is late. God usually gives me a title and I meditate on it for a few days before I write it. This time – no title until Monday.

So what happened Monday. On my spring break, I went out to one of the islands off my country. It has a gorgeous white sand beach but also has a hike up to the top of the island. My husband and I took that option. It was only 770m, that’s not far or is it.

Well we started to climb up the stairs and there were lots of them. About 2/3 up, I said to my husband I’m done – my legs are hurting. Then God whispered don’t quit.

I realised then that the walk was just like our lives. We are walking through life and then trials come in the form of hills. On the way up that trial, we start to hurt as God is challenging us I n different areas or maybe people are hurting us. We want to quit and go back to level ground where it is safer.

We start to thirst walking up. We take a sip of natural water that sustains us on level ground but up here we seem to need something added. In the middle of trials, God is standing there handing out His living water that refreshes us to keep on the journey.

Hunger is also pressing in on us. So we snack in the natural to keep our energy up. But natural things don’t satisfy our hunger in the midst of a trial. Only the Bread of Life can satisfy- Jesus – the Word of God. As we feast on the Word of God, it strengthens us for the trails ahead.

As we keep walking, some people are coming down. We ask them how much further to go until we reach the top. Their answers vary in accordance with their fitness levels. Some say not far now, others give a rough figure and others tell us how many steps. So what is really the truth of how far to go? It depends on:

1. Our speed- how fast we walk. In the spiritual it depends on how fast we learn and how deep our faith walk is. Some of us go through the same trials and some come out faster than others. We need to stop looking at others and let God teach us the things we need to know. Some come out of trials too fast and at a later time have to walk through it again.

2. Our endurance. The Bible says that those who endure to the end will be saved. We need to keep walking through and not quit. Psalm 23 says that we walk through the valley of the shadow of death. It is not a campsite but a walking through. Walking through may hurt more at the time but will hurt less at the end.

3. Tenacity- how much you want to keep going. Paul said in his writings that when we have done all, we just need to stand. We need a fight in us that says no matter how hard this is, I am keeping on going because I know a different view awaits me at the end.

So what was at the end of my Monday walk and yes I did make it. The photo you see attached to this blog.

I learned a lesson that day and it is don’t quit. The journey may be hard but the view is worth it.

Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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