What do you see

Hi how are you all? Yes- second blog post for this week as I didn’t post last week. I like posting weekly as it helps me hear from God about what messages to write about. By continually relying on God, it keeps my dependence and thoughts on Him. Do you like hearing from God? What is He saying to you?

This time I want to write on what do you see? The seeing I am talking about is people- what do you see when you look at people?

The magazines would have us look at a person’s size, beauty or accomplishments. They paint images that most of us could never aspire too. It creates false body image which affects our young girls and boys.

So what does the Bible say about this topic? The first verse on this in the Bible is Genesis 1:26. The verse states- God speaking- let us make man in our image. What does that mean? Well man will have physical attributes like a mouth, arms, legs etc and a soul – personality, emotions etc.

God made man good and blessed him. I find it interesting that the Bible does not specify how Adam looked. Did he have brown hair, curly hair, brown eyes, or tanned skin. We have no idea what he looked like. All we know is he was made in the image of God. He was made to look like God- not be God.

Interestingly enough, we don’t know what God looks like either. There is little mention of His actual looks. When Jesus is mentioned in the gospels, the story is similar. We don’t know if Jesus was tall or short, had straight hair or curly or had brown eyes or blue. All we know from reading Isaiah 52, that when He died on the cross His physical appearance was so marred, nobody could recognise Him.

I wonder why that is? We can see some of the reasons as we look through the Bible. It is because if we knew what God and Jesus looked like, we would make man made images of them and worship not God and Jesus themselves but the man made images.

One of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:4 warns us about this very thing. We are not to make images nor are we to bow down and worship them. We are only to worship God, our Heavenly Father and creator.

But you say, I don’t have images in my house I worship. Really!!!! Most people in the western world hold up and worship movie stars, singers, sports people, actors, famous people, royals etc.

Most of us don’t personally know them but we talk about them and idolise them like we do. We are worshipping what they represent and not who they really are. God is the one to worship. He created all those idols, yes, even the “famous” people. He just gave them different gifting to some of us. They are only people who either have a Saviour Jesus or need a Saviour.

That is also precisely why we don’t know exactly how most of the Bible characters looked. We would turn them into idols and worship or emulate their appearance.

God made each of us individual and unique. Although we have different appearances, we have basically been created similar.

So, what do you see? People everywhere made uniquely and in the image of God. What’s the second commandment- love others. Let’s see people through the eyes of God.

Keep seeing correctly and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you



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