Stay connected

Hi how are you all? The past couple of weeks have been busy with work and taking my mum to appointments. She received an updated diagnosis that isn’t good so my family is journeying through that with her. It has been harder than I want to admit. But God is good and He will walk us through it. So grateful for Him in my life.

This blog I want to talk about staying connected. In the current state of the world we live in, staying connected is sometimes hard with all the lockdowns and restrictions. But it is vitally necessary for our Christian walk. Online church is good for a season but we need people connection too.

This was revealed to me when I was reading a story in Judges. It is about the Israelites defeating a city and claiming it to live in. But what struck me was reading about that particular city. Let’s have a look.

The story is in Judges 18. The tribe of the Danites were seeking a place to call home. They sent five men to search out the land and in verse 7, they came to a town called Laish. The description of Laish is the people in the town dwelt safely, they were quiet and secure and they were far from other nations and had no ties with anyone.

Think about this-

  • the town was far from others. This means there was no connection. They were on their own. There were no allies and no one to help them. They were isolated.
  • they dwelt safely. They felt secure in their isolation and they lived in a false security.
  • They didn’t have an army because war was far from their minds.

We can think the same way if we aren’t careful. Staying in our homes potentially keeps us safe but if we have no connection, we start to feel lonely. God does not want us to do life alone- He wants us in community. He wants us connected and involved so we can get the encouragement and help we need and offer those same things to others.

The devil comes along to tempt us and if we don’t have support through people praying for us, we can fall into the temptations of the enemy.

Jesus didn’t do life alone whilst He was on earth. He did life with the twelve disciples and others. He was not only training them for their future but was fellowshipping with them as you would with friends.

Let’s see what happens when a city has allies. We read this story in Joshua 10. The Gibeonites had deceived Joshua and the Israelites into thinking that their town was far away and wanted to make a covenant with the Israelites, which they did. When Joshua found out their deception, he made them slaves to the Israelites. But there came a day when the other nations were not happy so they decided to attack Gibeon.

What happened? Because Gibeon had a covenant with the Israelites, they called on them for help. So what then? In verse 7, Joshua answered their call and defeated their enemies.

This is what we need in our lives. When the enemy comes to attack, we don’t want to be isolated. We want to be able to call on our Christian brothers and sisters for help

So this week, don’t isolate yourself. If you can’t leave your home, phone a friend and connect. You never know where it might lead or how much God will use that relationship.

Stay connected and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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