Prosperous not wealthy

Hi how are you all this week? I am good but dealing with a few things in my life right now. Sometimes, like this week, it has made me tired and a bit lethargic. In times like these, it is best we rest and keep our energy up. It is good to talk to God about it too as He often speaks just those words we need to hear.

I was in conversation with someone on the weekend and we were talking about their upcoming trip. They said that because of COVID restrictions that they will have to get a hotel in another state and fly there first in order to begin their holiday. That sounds okay but what they said next shocked me. They said we can’t afford it. I didn’t say anything bu thought What- aren’t you multi-millionaires. It was then God revealed to me that there is a difference between wealthy and prosperous.

Let’s look at the dictionary definitions. Wealthy, in the Oxford dictionary means having a great deal of money, resources or assets, rich. Prosperous, however, means successful in material terms, flourishing financially. Wealthy is what you have but prosperous is who you are. There is such a big difference.

In 3 John 2, God wants us to prosper spirit, soul and body. He wants us successful and flourishing in our spirit (our relationship with God), our soul ( flourishing in our emotions) and our body (healthy and whole). This has nothing to do with money but more to do with who we are in God.

Let’s look at a story in the Bible where the difference between wealth and prosperity is shown. In Genesis 13, we continue with the story of Abram and Lot. In verse 6, they together had so many possessions that the land couldn’t support them. This was producing strife between their herdsmen.

So in verse 9, Abram says to Lot, the whole land is before us, you choose where you want to go and I will go the other way. Lot looked around and chose all the plain of Jordon because it was well watered and was lush. Abram then had the hill country. If you looked at the two places, you would consider that Lot should prosper because the place he went was lush.

But who knows that wealth is deceiving. It can be here one day and not the next. Jesus told us not to trust in uncertain riches- don’t make money your God. Lot went down to the valley – to the wealthy place – but without God. In verse 13, we see that the people in that place were exceedingly wicked and sinful against God. It might have been a wealthy place but it was not prosperous.

Abram, however, prospered in the place he went. God went with him and in verses 14 to 17, God spoke a promise over Abram that he and his descendants would be given the land and his descendants would be numerous.

From then on, God started to prosper Abram. He changed his name to Abraham which means father of many nations and gave him a heir, Isaac.

What happened to Lot? Well that wealthy place was judged by God and fire destroyed it. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt and his daughters fell pregnant by him. Not a good ending.

So what’s the lesson for us. Do not seek wealth but seek to be prosperous in God. Matthew 6:33 says to seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things (everything you require) will be added to you. That’s prosperity. Wealthy is stingy but prosperous is giving.

So let’s seek God to discover how He wants to prosper us – spirit, soul and body. Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps


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