Using your authority

Hi how are you all? I am well and have just come out of a short lockdown. Are you still experiencing lockdowns in your country? I pray this virus is eliminated soon and we can then turn more of our attention to the things of God. This virus seems to be robbing us of God being number one in our lives. Have you felt that too?

Last week I wrote a blog on who gave you authority? We discovered that Jesus gave us the authority that He won back for us when He died on the cross. But now that we have it back how do we use it?

Jesus’ life on earth is the best example that there is as He used His authority all the time. The first example we see is when He was tempted by the devil. The story is found in Matthew 4. Satan comes along to test Jesus at His lowest point. Jesus had been fasting for forty days and forty nights. He was probably tired and hungry.

Then Satan comes along to tempt Him with food, life and power. But what did Jesus do. He used the authority that is in the Word of God to defeat Satan three times. We read the Bible daily so the Word gets in us and we can use it to defeat the enemy.

Our next story using Jesus life on earth is found in Mark 4:35. Jesus and His disciples had a long day of ministering to people and it was time to move on and go to the other side of the lake. They all got into the boat and as the disciples were good with boats, Jesus went to take a nap.

But something happened. A great windstorm arose and the boat was being rocked and the waves were coming over the boat. So what do you do in that circumstance? Jesus help! They woke Him up and He used His voice to speak to the wind and the sea “peace be still”. Then all was calm.

Jesus used His authority in this instance through His voice. We can do the same. Jesus has given us back authority over nature. So we can talk with authority and nature will have to do what we say.

However, there is a very important element that goes with authority and that is faith. We can speak to something and quote the Word of God, but if we don’t believe it will happen, it probably won’t. Mark 11:23 teaches us this.

So what do you need to take authority over in your life. Is it fear, sickness, financial lack or stress? Whatever it is, if we use our authority with faith, the situation will change. It may not be instant but it will happen.

Just be confident in God and believe and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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