Craving the stop

Hi how are you all today? Hope you have had a great week. The weather here has been cold by my standards and even snowed around five hours from where I live. That is crazy for early June. Apparently it has all melted now.

One of my friends put a post on Instagram a few days ago in relation to a horse she was training. She said that your horse must crave the command ‘whoa’ to stop. In that moment I felt God speaking to me about craving the stop or the rest.

In our society, when you ask how someone’s going and they say ‘busy’, it seems to contain a mark of respect for that person. It is like a status symbol. But when someone answers that same question with ‘ I’m not doing much’, we think they are being lazy. What is it about rest that current society believes is bad?

I believe it is tied up in materialism and climbing the ladder. You see rest is bad as it means we are stopping- we are not content with where we are or what we have. We are a society who wants more and are stressing ourselves out to get it.

News flash- this is not how God wants us to live. He wants us to crave the rest. Look forward to the day of the week where we can rest in and spend time with God. Let’s look at a few scriptures:

1. Matthew 11:28 should be at the top of our list. ‘Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest’. Crave the rest that only God can give. Allow Him to do the heavy lifting for you. He desires to- crave the time with Him.

2. Psalm 23. – the Lord is my shepherd … He leads me beside still waters. When is the last time we just sat and rested- sat in that calm spot and soothed our souls. This is the rest we should be craving.

3. Exodus 20: 8 to 10. God has instigated in the Ten Commandments, a help for us in this area. Do all of your work in six days then on the seventh day rest. Does this negate your responsibilities of caring for your family- no way. What it does is specifically set a time for us to rest. We need this day to spend time with God and our families. It is a time to recharge and refresh.

My family did this on Sundays. We would go to church in the morning, rest in the afternoons and back to church that night. It was a good refresh from those daily activities of work, school, weekly housework etc.

This week try to find sometime where you can rest and recharge. The most important thing is to look forward to it and not resent it. You will find such a great change comes over your life.

Have a great week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you


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