Don’t give Satan a foothold

Hi how are you all this week? I am good. The weather is getting a little bit more colder. I can really feel it standing on the train platform in the morning. Is the weather heating up for you or getting colder or staying the same?

This week I want to look at a story in 1 Kings 20. We pick the story up in verse 1. Ben-Hadad the king of Syria has gathered all his forces to fight against Israel. However, this started out as not a normal type of fighting with spears and swords. It was more a verbal stoush – a war of words.

The king of Syria said to Ahab the king of Israel, in verse 3 – your silver and gold are mine and you loveliest wives and children are mine. If someone knocked on my door and said – give me your money, your valuables, your husband and your children- guess what my answer would be. A resounding and loud NO WAY.

But look what the king of Israel said in verse 4 – okay that’s fine. What? That is a crazy statement. But how often do we do this. We give Satan a foothold into our lives. Okay Satan – they hurt me so bad – I am not going to forgive them. What about – I am not going to church because people in church have offended me. Or I am not going to give the church my money because I need it more.

We can have these mindsets in our lives that opens the door for Satan to enter in. That’s why the Bible says to guard our hearts. Let’s have a look at what happened when the king of Israel opened the door to the king of Syria.

Then in verse 5, the messengers from the king of Syria came back with a further demand. Not only will he take the silver, gold, children and wives that has been offered, now he wants to search all the houses and take every pleasant thing. This is a violation of privacy. Satan is never happy with your offering a bit, he wants your all and that’s why you don’t give him a foothold.

Look what happened next. In verse 9, it was the elders and the people that said to the king of Israel don’t consent. It is okay with us when someone else offers their goods but don’t touch mine.

When the king of Israel said no to this offer, the king of Syria got mad. He was so mad that he told his servants to attack the city. Who knows when your city is under attack, you need a word from God. In verses 13 and 14, the prophet gave the king of Israel the strategy from God.

So what was the result? The king of Syria fled and his army was defeated. They came away with nothing.

What is Satan trying to steal from you today? Have you been bargaining with Satan so he will leave you alone? My advice to you is don’t. When he comes to attack, don’t agree but defeat him with the Word of God just like Jesus did.

The sword of the Spirit ( the Bible) is powerful- do use it. It is one of your pieces of armour in Ephesians 6.

This week stand strong against any attacks or adversity you may face. Don’t give the devil a foothold or he will take more than your willing to give. Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee just like the book of James promises. You can do it.

Have a blessed week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you heaps


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