Reflections of Easter

Hi how are you? I didn’t post last week as I was on holidays. I had such a relaxing week. I didn’t go anywhere just had a staycation. How was your week?

As Christians we have just reflected, remembered and celebrated Easter. I just have a few thoughts tumbling around my head about the whole time from the last supper to the resurrection that I just wanted to share.

At the last supper, the disciples and Jesus were there celebrating the Passover. They had done this a couple of times before as it was an annual feast. But this time it was different. They had the same meal but this time it got personal. Jesus was teaching His disciples about the true meaning of the Passover. Take eat, this is my body and drink, this is my blood. I am about to go and become the Passover sacrifice- not only so your firstborn are saved but so all can be saved and reconciled to God. Put yourself in the shoes of the disciples- they must have wondered what was happening. Then Judas left then Jesus told Peter He would deny Him. What was going on?

Afterward they all walked to the Garden where Jesus prayed. Finally something normal until the soldiers came and arrested Jesus and most of them fled.

Hopelessness and despair had come to the disciples. In their minds, it was not supposed to end this way. Where was the kingdom Jesus promised?

Reports were then heard by the disciples how Jesus was mocked, whipped and tortured. He was now walking along a road carrying a cross. Despair set in further. Was everything Jesus did in the last three years all for nothing? Where were those ones Jesus healed and fed; did nobody testify for him? Did fear so encompass the disciples that they hid in case their turn was next.

Finally John comes back with Mary and advised them that Jesus has died. A time of mourning and deep sorrow came upon them all and all they could do was cry and weep.

Saturday passed in a blur.

Then came Sunday and there was a frantic knocking at the door. Oh no here are the soldiers to arrest us. But it was excited women’s voices that were at the door. We saw an angel and he said that Jesus has risen just like He told us. He wants you to meet Him in Galilee and you too Peter.

They pondered on those words then Peter told them He was going fishing. They all followed him and guess who was on the beach whilst they were fishing- Jesus. They were all so excited.

Hopelessness had turned to hope and despair had turned to joy. What’s your story like? Is hopelessness and despair a part of it. If it is, the good news is that Jesus has risen. Your sins are forgiven, your despair is now joy, your sickness can now be healed and your wounds can be made whole.

Will you accept what Jesus did for you this Easter? Just repent of your sins, tell Him you believe in what He did for you and you will be saved and will be accepted into the family of God. That is good news.

Will you join me in this family. I pray you will. Until next time keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you



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