Walking in your calling

Hi how are you all? I am a bit late posting this week as it has been a busy week. 2020 was a bit of a rest year with all the lockdowns and restrictions happening but 2021 for me has ramped up full steam ahead. It’s like there is an urgency around my life. Are you feeling it too?

In the last couple of weeks the ladies in my church have been studying the book of Esther with the She reads truth app. As we were doing the study I was struck by the calling of God on Mordecai’s life and the progression it took. Sometimes in our lives we don’t realise the smaller things we are doing are actually a part of the bigger calling on our life.

As I was reading the story through, I realised that Mordecai’s ultimate calling was to be the main advisor to the king. But let’s see how it is stepped out in the book of Esther.

The first hint of the calling came in Esther 2: 19 to 23. Mordecai heard that the two doorkeepers were plotting to kill the king. Did he stand by and say none of my business or maybe they are just saying it? No he stepped in, told Queen Esther who then told the king what Mordecai had advised her. Mordecai was stepping into the role to protect the king and keep him safe. It wasn’t until Esther 6 that Mordecai was honoured by the king for advising him of the plot. Mordecai went from not knowing the king to being in the kings gate.

In Esther 8 verse 1 and 2, we see the next stage of Mordecai’s calling. Haman had been hanged for his plot against the Jews. Esther advised the king that Mordecai was related to her. Esther then appointed Mordecai over the house of Haman. Then together they approached the king regarding the plot and were advised to write their own decree with the kings signature. Mordecai had now gone from being within the kings gate and into the kings palace.

In Esther 10:3, we see the fulfilment of the calling on Mordecai’s life. After the Jews destroyed their tormentors and held the Feast of Purim, Mordecai became second to the king. The Jews honoured him as he sought their good and peace for all. Mordecai advanced in the kings palace.

Maybe you can see yourself somewhere on Mordecai’s journey. Don’t give up. God has an amazing plan for your life but don’t stop halfway. Keep being obedient until the whole plan comes to pass.

Until next time, have an amazing week and keep living the life God intended for you.

Bless you



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